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Dr Monika Seisenberger
Dept. of Computer Science
College of Science
Swansea University
Singleton Park
Swansea SA28PP, UK

t: (+44) (0)1792 602131
f: (+44) (0)1792 295708

Monika Seisenberger

PhD Munich, Associate Professor at Swansea University

Programme Director Computer Science


Program extraction; Modelling, Specification & Verification; Verification of Railway Control Systems; Interactive Theorem Proving; Formal methods in Security and Cyberterrorism; Logic & Proof theory, well- and better quasiorderings.

I am a member of Swansea's Theoretical Computer Science group and of the Swansea Railway Verification Group. I co-organized the Proof, Complexity, Verification (PCV) Research Seminar (from 2006-2013) and I am the Swansea site leader in the Wessex Theory Seminar, a Joint Seminar Series of Mathematics and Computer Science Departments, and Industrial Collaborators, broadly in the Wessex region.

Research Projects: PhD Students:
  • Andrew Lawrence (Program Extraction, Verification of Railway Control Systems)
  • Alison Jones (Proof theoretic methods in Natural Language Processing)
  • Sulaiman Al-Shekaili (Analyzing Organizational Networks, Cyberterrorism)

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